Think the Dolphins have gone too long between titles? Check this list


Was starting to get a little down about the Miami Dolphins going 43 seasons without a Super Bowl title but then it hit me.

South Florida could be stuck like the Arizona Cardinals or the Lions or the Eagles. The clownish Cleveland Browns have won NFL titles more recently than those franchises.

By comparison, the Dolphins haven’t waited long at all. Why, there are 27 franchises in America’s major professional sports that have gone longer between championships.

Don Shula talks to Dan Marino during 1986 training camp. (Alan Zlotky/The Palm Beach Post)

Memorize this list and be prepared to recite it, loudly, the next time somebody tells you the Dolphins never win anything. (Note: this list does not include three years for the Browns when the franchise was dormant or else they’d be lower.)

Longest active title droughts in U.S. pro leagues

Arizona Cardinals, NFL           69 years

Cleveland Indians, MLB         68 years

Sacramento Kings, NBA         65 years

Detroit Lions, NFL                   59 years

Atlanta Hawks, NBA               58 years

Texas Rangers, MLB              56 years

Philadelphia Eagles, NFL       56 years

Houston Astros, MLB             55 years

Tennessee Titans, NFL           55 years

Los Angeles Chargers, NFL     53 years

Buffalo Bills, NFL                     51 years

Minnesota Vikings, NFL           51 years

Atlanta Falcons, NFL                 51 years

Cincinnati Bengals, NFL           49 years

Cleveland Browns, NFL             48 years

Milwaukee Brewers, MLB         48 years

San Diego Padres, MLB               48 years

Washington Nationals, MLB       48 years

Phoenix Suns, NBA                       48 years

Los Angeles Clippers, NBA         48 years

Toronto Maple Leafs, NHL         48 years

St. Louis Blues, NHL                     48 years

New York Jets, NFL                        48 years

Kansas City Chiefs, NFL                 47 years

Milwaukee Bucks, NBA                 45 years

Buffalo Sabres, NHL                       45 years

Vancouver Canucks, NHL             45 years


Off that list, there are only a handful of teams capable of winning a title this year. Let’s say the Indians, the Astros, the Nationals, the Chiefs and maybe the Arizona Cardinals.

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Chances are the Dolphins will stay outside the 25 worst active droughts, but there are a couple other reasons to keep that chin up.

First, Miami made the playoffs last year.

Second, the Chicago Cubs are World Series champions, so absolutely anything goes.